Monday, February 28, 2005

Uncommon Judgement

* Reguest clearance of crossing undershoot of r/w 26R&L

don't forget to plot a whole picture in ur head,
where am i now, when taxiing on the ground?
which direction am i going to turn and make a radio call?

seperate all the procedures within the correct stages.
don't touch the flaps after exiting the r/w;
make corrections for a wrong radio call anytime!

今天飛得大致也還不錯, 除了最後一圈solo的時候
radio口誤touch & go, 索性又多飛了一圈....
(其實即使已在runway上, 還是可以call stopping告知塔台的)
今天可以感覺得出來descent rate特別慢, 油門還得多收一點
也說明了飛行沒有一成不變的公式, 當遇到了特殊的情況時,
必須要做uncommon judgement.... (今天格外有感覺啊!!)

天氣爆熱, 下次如果還是這樣... 我一定要帶水上去了~
明天還要考Human Performance Limitation,
好累.... 晚上大概要喝咖啡狂K了......


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